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Locally raised beef from our family farms.....Customers buy our beef because they "like to know where their beef is coming from"......100% of our customers surveyed indicated that they would recommend our beef to their family and friends!


At Bluewater Beef, you are dealing directly with us䨥 farmers ! Not only are we happy to provide you with the finest beef that we produce, we堍 also happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about our beef, how it is produced, or our farms in general.

We also offer a delivery service for customers who buy our beef. Please contact us for details.

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BLUEWATER BEEF is supplied by a group of family- run beef farms located in Lambton County. We have been farming and caring for our cattle for several generations allowing us to continue to improve traditional farming methods with environmentally sustainable farming practices. Bluewater Beef is from cattle raised on our farms, fed a healthy diet of locally grown grasses and corn. We care for our animals from birth and guarantee that hormones and animal by-products are never used.


Locally Produced Beef By Family Farms

Bluewater Beef is born and raised in Lambton County,  a part of the Bluewater region. Our families work hard to produce the finest beef possible without the use of hormones or growth stimulants. When you get to know us at Bluewater Beef, you know you can trust that you are getting safe, healthy, premium beef direct from our farms.


We raise our cattle naturally. Our animals are pastured in fields of grasses and legumes during the spring, summer and fall. Over the winter months, our cattle are fed hay and grains, and finished on a whole corn diet.


 Bluewater Beef is aged for a minimum of 14 days. This means our beef is stored under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity before being processed into retail cuts. We know aging beef significantly increases tenderness.

Our beef is processed at a local, family owned and provincially-inspected butcher shop. Bluewater Beef is frozen immediately after being cut to lock in freshness and ensure that you always receive the finest beef we have to offer. Bluewater Beef freezes extremely well, giving you the convenience of being able to enjoy it at any time.

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"Bluewater Beef literally has the best meat I have ever had in my life. The hamburger is melt-in-your-mouth tender and breaks apart so nicely for cooking. It࡬so not hard and full of gristle, like the grocery store bought meat. The steaks are tender and the roasts just fall apart with the touch of a fork. The prices are definitely comparable and the customer service is outstanding and friendly. I also like how itଯcal beef and that the animals are treated in a humane fashion. We all need to support our local farmers, whether it୥at or produce, it೯ important! I will never, ever buy my beef from anywhere else⬵ewater Beef is the best and I tell everyone I know about it! "

-Stephanie Vandevenne R.N., C.O.H.N.
Safety Specialist/Certified Occupational Health Nurse, First Solar (Canada) Inc.

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