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Bluewater Beef is a beef marketing initiative right here in Lambton County. We have been farming and caring for our cattle for several generations, allowing us to continue to improve traditional farming methods with environmentally sustainable farming practices. Bluewater Beef is from cattle raised on our own family farm, fed a healthy diet of locally grown grasses and grains. We never, ever use artificial hormones, and never, ever feed any animal by-products.

Because our cattle are born and raised right here on our farm, we have 100% control. From breeding, to birth, to weaning, to finishing- everything our cattle eat, which pastures or pens they are in, all animal health events, and everything else you can think of- are all controlled, monitored and implemented by us.

From our farm, to your fork- quality food you can count on. This is Bluewater Beef.

the details

  • History

    Bluewater Beef was founded on the idea that family farming is the best kind of farming, that the best kind of farming could produce the best quality of beef. We wanted to share the care we have provided for our animals for generations,, and decided to form Bluewater Beef to help communicate that caring and deliver the best possible products to our friends all throughout Lambton County.

    We raise our beef the way our grandparents did, while integrating modern techniques for more thorough management, environmentally friendly practices, and overall best quality of life for our animals.

  • Feeding
    locally grown grasses and grains

    In Ontario, we have healthy grasses available for 4-6 months a year, depending on weather. So on our farm, the cattle are on green pastures as long as the grass is available to eat. While having them on grass 100% of the time would be ideal, it is simply not feasible in Lambton's climate. After much research and consultation with nutritionists and veterinarians, we have found what we believe to be the perfect mix between conventional feeding and a grass-fed natural program.

    All of our animals start out on an all-you-can-eat buffet of pasture and hay, and after being weaned- they are slowly transitioned onto a diet that includes hay and forages, as well as corn for the last couple of months. This leads to a much more tender beef product, and adds marbling, which significantly increases the juiciness and adds a wonderfully unique flavour to the end product. We do this slowly, giving their stomachs time to adjust. Just like with people, feeding cattle 100% of the same feed all the time would not be healthy, so with the input of a nutritionist, we balance their rations with all of the forages, grains, minerals, and more that they need to be healthy.

    We never, ever add hormones to our cattle, and we never feed antibiotics, either. When a young calf is suffering from an illness or infection, we'll treat it with antibiotics under the consultation of our veterinarian. This decision is made the same as we would make it with our children- if it will end or reduce suffering, then it's an easy decision. In the event that we need to administer antibiotics, that calf goes through a lengthy withdrawal period to ensure there is no chance of residue in the meat. This method keeps both the animal and the consumer safe.

  • Management
    full traceability from their very first day

    All of our beef is born and raised on our own family farm, giving us unparalleled insight into the animals we raise. We utilize multiple tracing and animal management systems that give us all the information on every animal right from our farm to your fork, but we also know the importance of seeing it for yourself- so we walk our fields every day to make sure that every animal is healthy, happy, and wholesome.

    With the crucial guidance of our veterinarians, nutritionists, agronomists, and yes- even our parents- we work every day to give the animals the care and respect they deserve, while ensuring the quality and excellence that our customers have come to know as a standard at Bluewater Beef.

  • processing
    locally cut and wrapped

    Bluewater Beef is aged for a minimum of 14 days. This means our beef is stored under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity before being processed into retail cuts. We know aging beef significantly increases tenderness, and have picked this timeline for the best taste and texture possible.

    Our beef is processed at a local, family owned and provincially-inspected butcher shop. Bluewater Beef is frozen immediately after being cut to lock in freshness and ensure that you always receive the finest beef we have to offer. Bluewater Beef freezes extremely well, giving you the convenience of being able to enjoy it at any time.

  the People     bluewater beef

  • "I can honestly say that I have never to this day tasted any beef as good as yours. I would consider myself a connoisseur on steak dinners because of my extensive travel, but realistically, if you ever get the chance, Bluewater Beef raises the best beef by far and you don't even have to leave town."

    bruce weatherby
    Team Industrial Services
  • "Bluewater Beef literally has the best meat I have ever had in my life.
    The hamburger is melt-in-your-mouth tender and breaks apart so nicely for cooking."

    Stephanie VANDEVENNE
  • "Bluewater Beef is absolutely the best beef we’ve ever tasted and
    will be the only beef we purchase from now on."

  • "Kelly & I and my boys enjoyed the B Burgers - "Chronic, Awesome, Fantastic, & DeBest" were the words echoed around the Elnicki kitchen this evening. Just the best burgers around!"

    steve elniki


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the shaw family

Murray and Sandi Shaw both come from farm families. They operate the farm where Murray was born and raised. However they have been expanding and updating since they purchased it from his father, and are currently working with a 100-head cow-calf to finish operation. The family raises pure-bred Limousin cattle, along with their cross-bred herd, and have been selling freezer beef to customers for over 25 years.

Murray and Sandi have four children. The two oldest boys, Clayton (21 yrs) and Cameron (19 yrs) both work on the farm in their spare time with the cattle and crops. The two younger children, Lilian (15 yrs) and Logan (12 yrs) like to help on the farm too and are often recruited when we’re boxing up beef orders!

All four of the kids are involved in 4-H where they learn more about agriculture in general and build skills to help them today and later in life. Our farm is truly a family operation with Murray, Sandi and the kids managing all of the farm tasks co-operatively.

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